Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Well, started my preping for my Rag Quilt yesterday...cut out tons of 4 and 5 inch squares.  I now understand why quality equipment is necessary for this task..boy what a job that was.  But I muddled through and will start the assembly process today..the squares with the batting inside.  I sure hope this turns out well. As I may or may not have stated I am new to this quilting adventure and sewing...I just got my machine last's the first one I have had in many, many years.  I never had time for crafts/hobbies but now that I am retired I hope to find out that I do have a creative side to me.  This would be a wonderful suprise as to date I have never been know to "create" anything.  So will figure out this blogging thing as I travel the road to what I hope becomes something that is enjoyable and fruitful. 
As a recently retired lady I have found the days to be very long so am looking for something the will trip my trigger and give me a sense of accomplishment.

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