Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Blurb Wednesday Afternoon

Whew what a day.  Went to Sam's Club with my girlfriend..we got a ton of candy.  I live in the most amazing Court...we decorate the whole court at Halloween.  It's totally awsome!!  Last year we had close to 1500 Trick or that's a lot of kids.  I will post some pictures when the big night comes.  In years past the police have closed the court and the local news has covered the celebration.  Like I said..totally AWSOME!!!!  So we got our candy and my friends husband and son were busy with the blowups and signs and all.  Then went to good old Wal Mart to get more flannel for my quilting project, then home again to fix supper for the hubby.  Our kitties are not fond of Halloween to say the they will hide under the bed with all the fun is going on.  They never go outside so they are two scardy cats!

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