Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let’s not get too depressed today.

Well, here we are at another Saturday, October 23, 2010…good grief where did the time go and how did I ever get to be 63 years old?  I guess this is not the right time to go into history…I think it would bum me out to much.  I think I just need to stick to this quilting and embroidery and maybe Halloween stuff for now.  Finding out that I have a great grandchild and a married grandson was a bit of a blow. But then…anything to do with my family or actually my kids and grandkids is pretty much a low blow.  Anyway…finished setting up windows live blog thing so I will get back to ragging my rag quilt and try to keep my mind from thinking about all this other stuff…what is, is and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Morning once again 10/20/10

Wow, thats such a neat date.  Doesn't take much to amuse me.  I have been working away on my rag has some warts but all in all I think it's gonna turn out ok.  I am in the process of obtaining better equipment and supplies so will see how things go.
Had a pretty busy week so far..just the usual stuff, but busy.  I like it like that..this retirement thing is for the's so boring and makes me feel so useless!
Our court is still preparing for Halloween...gonna be a fun time around here..Lots of kids..big and small.
I am getting much better aquainted with my new sewing maching...good grief..I had never heard of some of the feet this has.  But then the last thing I sewed on was my Mothers 60 year old Singer. 
My machine is really just basic..middle of the road Kenmore (Janome makes) not computerized at all but I am loving it and think I made a good choice...some of the machines I looked at would probably intimidated me to the point of not even trying to use them.  I am very happy with this choice.  I am finding the world of sewing much more interesting then I did back (waaaayyyyy back) in school.  But now I have the time and am developing the patience for it.  I also love to do the embroidery I have recently learned to do.  Yep, guess I am turning into the proverbial "little old lady", but that's OK.  I had many years of walking on the wild side and the slow lane fits well now. Well, off to fold laundry and snip some more on freying my rag quilt.  When I get that done gonna take that puppy to a laundrymat to wash and way am I gonna put that in my washer!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Blurb Wednesday Afternoon

Whew what a day.  Went to Sam's Club with my girlfriend..we got a ton of candy.  I live in the most amazing Court...we decorate the whole court at Halloween.  It's totally awsome!!  Last year we had close to 1500 Trick or that's a lot of kids.  I will post some pictures when the big night comes.  In years past the police have closed the court and the local news has covered the celebration.  Like I said..totally AWSOME!!!!  So we got our candy and my friends husband and son were busy with the blowups and signs and all.  Then went to good old Wal Mart to get more flannel for my quilting project, then home again to fix supper for the hubby.  Our kitties are not fond of Halloween to say the they will hide under the bed with all the fun is going on.  They never go outside so they are two scardy cats!

Wednesday Morning

Well, started my preping for my Rag Quilt yesterday...cut out tons of 4 and 5 inch squares.  I now understand why quality equipment is necessary for this task..boy what a job that was.  But I muddled through and will start the assembly process today..the squares with the batting inside.  I sure hope this turns out well. As I may or may not have stated I am new to this quilting adventure and sewing...I just got my machine last's the first one I have had in many, many years.  I never had time for crafts/hobbies but now that I am retired I hope to find out that I do have a creative side to me.  This would be a wonderful suprise as to date I have never been know to "create" anything.  So will figure out this blogging thing as I travel the road to what I hope becomes something that is enjoyable and fruitful. 
As a recently retired lady I have found the days to be very long so am looking for something the will trip my trigger and give me a sense of accomplishment.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brand new to blogging!

Well, brand new to this blogging thing.  Will take a bit to figure out what to do with it, for now just having fun.